10 Best jQuery Plugins For Web Developers

Being extremely simple to use, jQuery counts to be the first choice amongst programmers for the creation of websites with modern design and top-notch functionality. Along with the recent update to its version 3, jQuery allows websites to experience some dynamic features added with effects and scripts to make the user experience refined.

Taking the front-end user experience to an advanced level, jQuery comes with a range of useful and interactive plugins that are meant to amplify the website’s user experience. Whether it’s about creating custom-made onboard experiences or performance optimization, the use of jQuery plugins will help users understand your product/service better. Here’s a list of jQuery plugins that can be used to create and optimize web applications without many efforts:

ArtDesign Slider


This tool is an image slider that automatically resizes images with different dimensions. It supports complete height and width with full navigation control. Featuring 24 transition effects with multiple instances, the tool makes it easy to readjust images accordingly.

Material Design Hierarchical Display

Material Design Hierarchical Display

The proper use of hierarchical display animation can be used to attract user’s attention and take them from one point to next in the process. The animation can be customized to enhance the appearance of your design. It also comes with documentation to get you going.



Readable, a prominent jQuery plugin lets you create optimally sized paragraphs for ensuring maximum understandability. The use of this plugin makes your paragraphs readable and much better to make your paragraphs comprehensible.



ScrollMe is a jQuery plugin that adds simple scrolling effects to your web page. When scrolling down the page, ScrollMe rotates, scrolls and translates the density of elements on the page. This plugin is quite easy to set up and does not require even a single line of JavaScript coding.

Brick Work


BrickWork is a responsive jQuery plugin used to create dynamic layouts.



Tooltipsy offers a flexible base for you to create tooltips. Featuring default style and animations, Tooltipsy gives you a complete control over your website structure. This plugin can be customized with an improved look and feel with CSS.



This jQuery plugin offers a fast and simple way to manage dates for input fields. There is an option to choose date format, border color, minimum and maximum time date, text color, animation and so on.



A lightweight jQuery plugin, PatternLock simulates android like pattern lock mechanism for your hybrid applications.



This jQuery plugin creates large, creative and responsive headlines. SlabText splits headlines into rows before resizing each row to fill the available horizontal space.

OneBook 3D

onebook 3D

When it’s about creating an eye-catchy presentation of books, magazines and portfolios, jQuery plugin, OneBook 3D stands first in the queue. It comes with a flexible, adaptive and customizable design and is ideal for photo albums.

Wrapping it Up:

Owing to a large number of plugins, jQuery has emerged to be one of the most popular frameworks. These plugins add a smart functionality to the website by enhancing user experience and adding new features. The use of these plugins leads to the creation of a user-friendly website without any efforts and time involved in the development.

The jQuery plugins shared above can be used in a website to solve any problem. Designed with the intent to offer a user-friendly environment to the site, these plugins are definitely not to be missed at any cost.

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